Easily Create Animated GIF Images Online Free

Picasion is web application that allows its users to :

  • Create GIF animations
  • Control the speed of animations
  • Select the size of the GIFs

GifUp is another web tool that lets users create animated GIFs and avatars. It is easy to use and has several features such as :

  • Upload images from pc, webcam,Flickr, or grab  them directly from a web page
  • Use as many images as you want to compose your animations
  • Control animation speed settings
  • Download and save animations to your website
  • Share your GIFs with others or embed them in your website or blog

GIFMake  is a simple online GIF maker program that lets its users compose their animated GIFs from regular static images. It offers several features such as :

  • You can upload images from your computer or a web address
  • Specify the duration of each frame in the animation
  • Control how many times to repeat each animation
  • download and save animations

MakeAGIF is a great image maker that allows users to  created animated GIFs out of images of different sizes and formats. Among its features:

  • No registration is need
  • No software to download is required
  • Upload images up to 1MB in size
  • it has several animation options to apply to your images

Gickr is a free animated GIFs maker. The tool is very easy to use and has several features such as :

  •     Make free animated GIFs
  •     Upload images from a web address , or computer
  •    You can use up to 10 picture in an animation
  •    It is free and does not require any registration
  •   It generates a link for you to share your animations with others

GifSoup is a free video to GIF converter. It allows its users to :

  •  Convert Youtube videos into animated GIFs very easily and with just few clicks
  •  Download animated GIFs into your computer
  • It offers a ten second limit on video lenght
  • It has a wide library of animated GIFs created by others

Note:If you have anything to add share it with us



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