Thaye Yesodha

  • Movie-Morning Raga
  • Song-Thaye Yesodha-Thodi

Thaaye Yashoda was composed by one of my favourite composers, Oothukaadu Venkatasubbiyer. He is one of the lesser recognised amongst Carnatic (Bhakti) composers (unlike Thiagaraja or Dikshitar). There is so much love in the lyrics that I find it difficult not to let myself get carried away when he describes the various antics of Sri Krishna. Some of the finest poetry has been composed in describing the playful young Krishna as well as the romantic Krishna (well, poets don’t seem to have been interested in his ever famous Gitopadesha!).  The introduction of English lyrics (as a translation of “undan paiyannai pOlavE inda vayyagattil oru piLLai ammamma nAn kaNDadillai” which means “I haven’t seen any other child in this entire world, like your (Yashoda’s) son Krishna”)


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