Free Registry Cleaner Software

CCleaner :

CCleaner is the most popular tool for improving Windows performance. It comes with so many features and costs nothing. CCleaner works on version of Windows operating systems. This is more than a registry cleaning tool. I personally recommend this tool. It cleans  temporary files, history, cookies save form data and many other things that slows down your computer.

Wise Registry Cleaner is a nice tool that can fix most of the computer problems related to Windows Registry. It can also remove registry items that are only consuming space and are no longer needed  It also automatically backup deleted registry to restore in case of any problem in system. Wise Registry Cleaner also reduce fragmentation in registry to make it more efficient.

Eusing Free Registry Cleaner is a free registry repair software that you can use to clean andrepair Windows registry. This tool is simple in use and can do so many crucial things related to Windows Registry. Registry problems are common, so you must have this tool to repair this kind of problems. It scans the Windows registry and list all invalid and obsolete registry keys. Then it fix all those problems and make your computer faster.

nCleaner claims to optimize system with more than 90 cleaning items. Like CCleaner, this tool also do so many additional tasks to optimize your system performance  Tools also claims to clean up to 2 GB space.

Auslogics Registry Cleaner is also a nice tool. It is available on version of Windows and works fine. This tool comes with wizard that will guide you throughout the whole registry cleaning process. These are some nice tools that you can use to optimize windows performance. If you are a windows user, you must have any of these tools. Because using Windows for long time affect Windows performance.


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