A.R.Rahman’s compositions – A classical view

A.R.Rahman’s compositions – A classical view

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Right from his debut in Roja, A.R.Rahman has given numerous songs of classical background. And this space is no big to elaborate each of them. But let me share my views/word of appreciation on few of the songs which I am gifted to listen to.

– Kannodu kanbathellam from the movie jeans is based on this Raga. Especially the chittai swaram part of the song affirms the Raga.

– Minsara kanna from the movie padayappa

– kaatre en vasal vanthai from the movie Rhythm

– Rahman rocked in his dubut movie Roja and the aalap portion of the song kadhal rojaave is based on the Raga Desh and the song is set in kapi. The National Song “Vande Matharam” is also based on raga Desh.

– The song “Thom karuvil irundom” from the movie star is based on this raga.

Raga is effervescently used in the song “En uyir thozhiye”…

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