How to say “No” to a Customer !!

It is important to learn the art of saying “No” to a customer in a manner that the customer can accept. explain why you are unable to help them at this time.Start with “What else would be important for me to know right now in order for me to best help you?” and be open to what you learn.Saying no doesn’t have to mean the loss of a customer.Tell your customers outright that they personally are important to you, and that you will do whatever is in your power to do to satisfy them—not just retain the business.You can simply say, “You’re disappointed and I’m going to do my best to help you.Tell the customer that you may need to get approval from your let your customer know that you care about them, about the relationship and about continuous improvement.You’re even allowed to say no to the customers you want to keep if you say it politely, firmly, and are willing to discuss the issues you’re saying no about in terms that matter to the customer.Customer


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