Blog from your Desktop using Blogilo

You can get started by adding your blogs. You can do so at Settings > Configure Blogilo > Blogs. Say you have to add your wordpress blog, fill the url field with “” and fill out your username and password. Then click auto configure and bazzingaa you have your blog configured. Click OK and then you will see your posts displayed in the right panel. Rest of it is just straight forward. Edit your post and click “submit”. It has an option to save draft or to publish straight away !! The same applies for blogger and other supported APIs (listed in the Advanced tab of the Blogs menu).Blogilo features a visual editor, an HTML Editor and a preview tab. All standard text and multimedia formatting is available in the editor interface. Blogilo even imports saved categories and you can select categories from the right panel. Post options like summary and editing permalink is also available. Multimedia inserted is uploaded onto blog servers and named metuculously.


Blogilo is available in the repositories of most Linux distributions. A windows edition is also available. Visit and start blogging quicker and more efficiently !!


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