Definition and Concept

  1. Family or Blood Relationship means persons connected by relations like – father-mother, son daughter,brother-sister, grandfather-grandmother, uncle- aunty , nephew-niece, brother-in-law sister-in-law etc. The list can go on and on adding members from father’s side and mother’s side etc.
  2. Questions in Test of Reasoning on Family /Blood Relationship are about the relationship of a particular person with another person of the family, based on the chain of relationships between other members of that family.
  3. The questions depict relationships among the various members of a family in a roundabout chain.The candidate is expected to find the relation of two particular persons mentioned in the question.

An example of a question on Blood Relationship is given below to understand the concept in a better way:
Example 1:

Introducing Neeta, Anil said, ‘She is wife of my mother’s only son.’ How is Neeta related to Anil?

(1) Mother (2) Wife (3) Sister (4) Daughter-in-law (5) None of these

Solution:Neeta is the wife of Anil’s mother’s only son, who is Anil himself.Hence, answer is Neeta is Anil’s wife. i.e. (2) Wife.

Example 2:
‘Ram’ is the father of ‘Kusha’ but ‘Kusha’ is not his son. ‘Mala’ is the daughter of ‘Kusha’.’Shalaka’ is the spouse of ‘Ram’. ‘Gopal’ is the brother of ‘Kusha’. ‘Hari’ is the son of ‘Gopal’. ‘Meena’ is the spouse of ‘Gopal’. ‘Ganpat’ is the father of ‘Meena’. Who is the grand daughter of ‘Ram’?

(1) Hari (2) Mala (3) Meena (4) Shalaka (5) None of these

Solution:’Mala’ is the daughter of ‘Kusha’ and ‘Ram’ is the father of ‘Kusha’. So, ‘Mala’ is the granddaughter of ‘Ram’. Hence, answer is (2) Mala.


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