Free Tools to Compress Images and Reduce Photo Sizes

Image Optimizer

It is a free online tool that let you minify photos by reducing their sizes. You can Compress large images by uploading them from your computer and select the maximum height and width parameters for your image.  Select the required quality of image out of 6 different qualities and accordingly the image will be compressed. This tool can easily compress a photo in Megabytes to only a few hundred KBs while not much affecting the quality of image. The disadvantage of using this tool is that every time you want to compress an image, you will be first required to upload that to the server. So, for heavy photos, it can take much time to upload it. In order to save time, you can download their free image compression software from the website.

File Minimizer by Balesio

File Minimizer is a free productive tool that allows you to compress large image files within seconds. If you want to compress multiple images in bulk then this software is best option for you. First of all download and install this tool.Then import the images you want to compress or shrink. This tool provides you 3 different levels of image compression by default.

  • Low Compression – By selecting this option, you images will be compressed as much as possible without affecting the quality of photo. For taking print outs of image files, this compression level is the best.
  • Standard Compression – A medium level compression that is best recommended for using images anywhere like in MS Word documents, PowerPoint, for Blogger etc.
  • High Compression – This is the maximum level of image compression with a little effect on the quality of image. When high quality image is not your priority then this option is recommended.

Along with these compression levels, you may also define custom image compression level by selecting the preferable screen size and the required percentage of image quality.

Paint.Net is basically you can say an advanced version of default MS Paint program in Windows. You can use it for drawing as well as you can do simple editing of your photos with the help of this software. With a number of extra tools and features, this handy paint tool can also be used to compress large images. When you click on the save button after opening the required image in, it will give you option to select the required quality of image. The image will be compressed according to the quality selected by you. For better results it is recommended not to decrease the quality too much and set it to default quality.


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