How To Start A Blog?

  • write about your passion.follow your heart.
  • Be genuine
  • Readers should know what to except when they visit your blog.
  • this ur place dont repost always.write your own i have experimented something thru this post.
  • talk about a post .do not worry how it will sound when you write .you can edit it anytime.
  • the blogging world has many pick a name that is simple and eye-catching design.
  • dont be simillar to someone .becoz it is unoriginal and mix up with SEO.
  • create a schedule such as mondays or daily . so that readers can engage with you and visit your blog.
  • for some personal images you can use ur smartphone at the initial level.
  • dont make ur readers to log in for commenting.
  • the feedback u get s most important in blogging,which makes us to improve and u can make some good friends.
  • Be positive some comments may be negative.Take it in a right way and work on it.
  • Respond to e-mails and comments.
  • make sure your social media accounts are available so that people can connect with u.
  • Link to other bloggers.
  • Network at events.
  • Happy Blogging!
  • Please do give your feedback for my post.



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