How to Be Productive

  • Each day has an inspiring quote and a reminder of what should be done. Its important to create a do list prior each day.
  • choose the most difficult task in your list and do it first.
  • take a look at the to do list and ask yourself , what is going to be done today,will it take you to a step forward to tomorrow.
  • our attitude towards others determines their attitude towards us.
  • the problem is not the problem.the problem is how we look up the problem.changing our attitude towards problem/other people changes our life.
  • embrace your tasks and goals day and night edit it if necessary but do not change it completely.having your to do list daily will make you work more smarter and easier.
  • work smarter but not harder.
  • you may be tempted to quit your work before the deadline.the person who quits aren’t successful.the most successful people are those who keep on going even if they need to quit.
  • take life as it comes to you.
  • be with the right people around you.spend some time with your self and the people with whom you enjoy having time with.
  • Be proud of yourself. That you have managed to get this far.
  • stay motivated

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