Don’t Build Links, Earn Them [Infographic]

Outdated Link-Building Approaches

Low-quality content, comment spamming, and meta keywords are no longer effective SEO Strategies – and with good reason. As search engine algorithms become increasingly sophisticated, it’s easier to detect (and weed out) manipulative link schemes.

» Quid pro quos and reciprocal links
» Guest blogs filled with unnatural links
» Falsely marking headings with H1 tags
» Spamming blog comments and forums with backlinks
» Frequent press releases lacking newsworthy content

Changing Link-Building Strategies

Targeting and phasing out low-value links is a tedious but crucial step to avoid penalties while improving rank.

Step 1 – Identify links that are:
» Hosted on a website in a different language than your own
» Hosted on an adult-oriented website
» Hosted on a site that offers no value to readers (often built solely for linking to other sites)
» Hosted on sites that have been hacked or infected with malware
» Using keyword-optimized anchor text

Step 2 – Contact the website owners to request that they:
» Delete the link
» Change out keyword-optimized anchor text
» Add nofollow tags to deactive the links

Your link profile, like every solid portfolio, should be reputable, relevant, and well-rounded. Here are some ways for your website to get found that actually work:

» Create quality, original content for your audience – not an algorithm
» Develop cross-promotion partnerships with reputable brands
» Leverage social media to share content
» Remember that quality earned links are more valuable than quantity

Today’s race to the top of the results page is won by earning links naturally and that means producing meaningful, useful and shareable content.
Don’t Build Links, Earn Them [Infographic]



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