Why is it so special?


Well, to normal viewers, this is just 2 batsman expressing their joy on winning a match. I see this from an emotional perspective. Yuvraj made a comeback after 2 years. He spent the most crucial part of his cricketing life fighting cancer. And then a sudden drop in form, 1 disappointing innings at the world T20 final and he is left out of the team for years! He played a crucial role in bringing home the world cup in 2011; if you can remember, he was the man of the series too!

Yuvraj is a kind of player who can come to form almost suddenly after playing a few loose strokes. And then he might continue his form throughout the whole tournament! Did he deserve to be out of the team for so long? Some blame Dhoni, some blame the selectors, some say its the politics within BCCI. Whatever be the reason, one thing was quiet evident. After all these years, as a cricket fan watching cricket only through television, I could understand Yuvraj’s ability. But not his own team or committee.

If you saw at the beginning of his innings, he struggled a lot. It was Raina, who maintained the balance, who hit a few timely boundaries and kept the asking rate under control. If it was not for him and his performance, pressure would have built on the other side over a level that could not be managed by Yuvraj. What could have Yuvraj done then? The only option is to throw away his wicket so that MSD can come in. Do you think everything will end there? No, people will ask him to retire, put an end to his career.

2011, when India won the world cup, I thought Yuvraj, Dhoni, Gambhir can play for 7 more years. Bhajji for 4 – 5 years. Sehwag and Zak can play for 2 – 3 years. In the mean time, the selectors should find worthy replacements who can fill in their shoes, I thought. But guess what happened! Most of them were dropped immediately after the world T20, 2012 out of the team and they started looking for replacements after dropping these senior players. No “5 more years”, no ” planning for the future”. They went with IPL records..! Result: A team that can play T20 brilliantly and lose the longer formats of the game!

When Yuvi made a come back, I thought, boy! Now at least give him 2 more years.. But what can you expect from a man who is making his international appearance after 2 years? A few fumbles, couldn’t connect bat with ball for the first 7-8 deliveries! Pressure kept building on him. If he had thrown his wicket away, I am sure that was the end of his career.

Thanks to Raina, his hopes are alive. And now look at the picture. Do you see 2 batsman celebrating a victory? No, I see a man celebrating his friend for keeping his passion and dreams alive!



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