Double Your Facebook Likes in 5 Minutes

  • Collaborate –  Connect with pages in related industries and cross promote your pages.
  • Invite –  Invite your followers to subscribe to your email list. Offer them something they think will benefit them, like a how to ebook in exchange for their email address.
  • Be Active – Liking pages with similar audiences and commenting while adding value increases interest in your own page.
  • Share –  Share content from other business pages from your personal Facebook account.
  • Offers – Offer coupons and discounts that are only for your Facebook followers and not offered in newsletters or on your website to reward loyal fans.
  • Run Contests – Contests are a fun way to build your followers and engagement. Run a photo contest and encourage your fans to post a pic of them using your product.
  • Advertising –  A Facebook ad can do wonders for your business. Try targeting specific prospects using Facebook demographics. Monitor your engagement and split test daily.

Double your Facebook Likes


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