Life at Ramco Systems

I was to attend the Blogger’s meet at Ramco Systems.The agenda of the event was to showcase  ‘How Is Life at Ramco’ .The event was scheduled on April 29th 2016  at their Head Quarters in Taramani and we were asked to report there by 5:45PM.The Reception of ramco systems.IMG_20160430_014843[1]

The waiting Area for the guest IMG_20160430_014828[1]

The invites for the meet.employees

we have been splitted into teams.Team names go as Rajinikanth, Idli Sambar, Marina beach and Filter Kapi.


The video where people say ‘We are Ramco’ basically is the spirit people working in any company should feel.

Mr.Raghu Tripathi spoked about life at Ramco.


Mondays are the best days at Ramco Systems.

 The cultural theme at this company,  revolves around TGIM — that expands to Thank God It’s Monday. An attempt to conceptually motivate employees at the start of the week, all initiatives are driven by this theme. “It makes people think Thank God I’m Back when they get in to work on a Monday morning, after a relaxed weekend,”


FIKA Coffee with CEO

The one which surprised me is the Coffee with CEO. The CEO itself will make his own coffee they what exactly do that is that a team member ramco system who guided us through their office said that anyone can walk up to him and have a coffee and discuss any issues related to work or general they break the general work culture.most of the meetings happens here.


The coffee served here is RAMCO Coffee




To RETREAT SPACE here you can workout,yoga and zumba training .Employees here get a chance to unwind for at least an hour every day, with zumba and cross-fit training.13087324_803020659842443_2682168728618584297_n13095871_803020313175811_7440465616531286561_nIMG_20160429_190003[1]dumbles


To the HR Department fancy furniture aside nobody has a designated seat here, and there are no cabins either. Managers sit with teams and employees move around frequently to interact with other teams.



Finally To the Chirapsia — a professional massage for the shoulders and head at your desk.Whenever you are frustrated with your manager, feel free to bang on  or play foose football.


For employees from other states — and there are quite a few of them — the special laundry tie-up with Wassup is a boon; they can drop their clothes off in the morning and pick it up, all fresh and clean, while heading back home.And there is an ATM Machine so that they can  withdraw money easily within the campus.

The colours inside — bright and fresh — and informal workspaces display the company’s attitude.

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