Parent’s Creativity

Do you think your parents do not lie to you?Some which i have gone through…do Add yours too…


I have a surprise for you but you will get it only when you eat your food. But the moment you complete your meal, they will make some excuses like Okay, we will think about it.

Don’t want go to school? It’s already 8” but in real, the time must me around seven.

If you’ll ever lie, your nose will grow.

Drinking tea or coffee will make your complexion dark.

Eating chocolates causes worms in stomach.

Don’t cross your eyes or make funny faces, you will become like that permanently.

If you swallow seeds of a fruit, a tree will grow inside you.

If you ever do this again, we will send you to the school which has hostel.

your sibling is not my favorite, i love you both same.

When I was of your age, I used to do all my chores on my own

If you tell me the truth, i am not going to scold you.

We are going to uncle’s house only for an hour. Trust me it will not take long and then they repeat.




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