Nostalgia: A Mental Time Machine

I wish I could time travel and meet my younger self and tune her for the future…

When was the last time you had fun like a small child playing under the rain? When was the last time you felt so carefree and happy, and not worrying about your  problems? Do you still remember what it was like to be a kid?

Only childhood friends will know all these things about me.No matter how big i am  today, they have known me since the days of failing in Maths, test after test.That first taste of social media with Orkut, and the most embarrassing profile ever set up – you know about theirs and they know about yours. Thank god, there is no more online proof of that left.

first time they tried to drive a bike and instead crashed into the wall and broke their arm.Remember how addicted used to be to all those TV shows like small wonder. and discuss the story in class.Playing  video games with friends Remember Mario Brothers? Remember Tetris? Remember Roadrash? Yeah – these were the games over which bonded on those weekend afternoons.the scary marksheets that we hid from our parents.I have a sibling and in my childhood days, all i could do was fight and fight throughout the day.knew the trick of getting whatever we wanted and secretly used the trick almost always.Those were the days when we could lie in front of the T.V. and watch cartoons throughout the day. No worries, no concerns.Want a new colorbook? Cry. Want a new toy? Cry.had the liberty to say anything ridiculous and get away with it.This undoubtedly was the biggest advantage of any of us have ever had being a child.

Saturdays and Sundays are the best days of a week; we often crave “Why there is only one Sunday in a week?” “Why Monday always comes after Sunday”…

My best times are i would wait for the holidays.

The quarterly exam holidays are very special as it has a occasion to spend is the day of Diwali . The diwali for a single day preparation starts before a week getting new dresses ,sweets ,crackers etc.. and the interesting part in it is after the school reopens we are allowed to wear our diwali dress on the reopening day of our school which on one side excited in showing our dress and the other side the marks waits for us.

the annual holidays are the time which we travel to our grand parents house were we could meet our cousins and whole lot of enjoyment takes place. eating,sleeping ,playing and making new friends near my grandparents home were the duties those time. some games i would remember are the fest happens there and hide and seek .


So, what is your favourite memory of your childhood friend/days?



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