SFA is Srinivas Fine Arts and thus the name SFA Print (Private) Ltd, engaged in a fabulous range of stationery products in a unique, classical, and state of the art style.

Matrikas is derived from the ancient language of India – Sanskrit, where it means ‘Mother’.

This journal is for the creative woman, who uses the diary to write her dreams, and escape to a different place, albeit for a short while. This journal aims to make a woman’s everyday full of a little more joy. It is a reminder to stop and smell the roses in one’s daily hectic life. To document life’s little delights; or to take a few minutes to entertain one’s thoughts while filling in those intricate details in the coloring sheets.

In today’s world there is no time to spend everyone is busy with our own works when we are stuck at some point we cant shed out immediately but to the society outside we should keep a happy face. But we are dying inside.

I am being a blogger were I can write that help in venting out anger,emotions etc..It offers a great relief that is the advantage of being a blogger. Being a public forum we could share a certain things we cannot display our personal issues and only the general information in that.

You feel like shouting out everything that is in our life. The personal diary is that it will be a eager to listen to your story and don’t give you allows to travel your own way.

The things that I liked about this journal is it does not contain the predefined dates and simply contains 216 pages .The pages are smooth and lines are evenly placed, not too wide neither too narrow.It has an envelope attached to it were we can keep our important papers.The inside pages have 8 adult coloring sheets made of delightful and detailed elements inspired by nature and also some plain sheets. These can be used for coloring, shading, doodling etc., activities, which are known to be therapeutic and stress relieving.

This post has been written for ‘Scribble Your Heart Away…Campaign 2!’ by Matrikas Paper  Products.

There is an different products by the brand and you can check them all by visiting their Websiteand  connect with them by following their Facebook Page.

You can also check the video




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