Quick Tips About How To Write Optimized Content For Seo In Your WordPress Blog

If you want to increase organic traffic, it is essential to know how to write content optimized for SEO. There is almost certainly that we as a whole need to get a considerable measure of traffic , and show up in the first organic results.without forgetting the user experience.

Let’s start with the 10 keys to optimize the contents of your blog,  and improve the blog in organic results.

Search for keywords

The principal assignment is to do an examination of keywords that have high demand and little competition , on the grounds that along these lines you will get more visits to the site.

When you go to search for keywords is of vital importance that they are not generic, since they tend to have a lot of competition.

Hence, it is basic that you generally explore long tail keywords.

These are otherwise called long tails keywords, and they are keywords framed by 2 or 3 words.

Here are a few cases of good long-tail keywords in the camera specialty:


Long tail keywords which are, particular to whatever you are offering. Whenever a client utilizes a profoundly particular search query, they have a tendency to search for precisely what they are really going to purchase.

To look into your own particular long-tail keywords, follow these steps:

Let’s see a simple example so you can see the difference between both keywords:

  • Generic keyword: camera
  • Keyword long tail: how do I set the aperture on my Canon 70D digital camera.

Once we have defined the keyword “long tail”, it will be essential that it appears in:


Example: The best camera or wildlife


Example: domain.com/wildlife


Include the keyword “how do I set the aperture on my Canon 70D digital camera” in titles H2 and H3

Meta description

Customize the meta description of the article and include the keyword “how do I set the aperture on my Canon 70D digital camera”.

 Write Normally

A while back bloggers who reused a keyword frequently in an article..

Now the search engine penalizes this spam technique to readers, and requires the use of  synonyms.

If you want better organic positions in the search results you need to use:

  • 1 Main keyword.
  • 2 secondary words.

As you can see, writing content optimized for SEO does not mean repeating the same keyword a thousand times.

Always remember that readers are the ones who will read and leave comments, they will share your articles in social networks. And even more important, they will sign up for your blog newsletter .When you’re going to write an article, think about your target audience , and how to optimize the content to attract readers . 

Image Optimization

Another important factor if you want to write content optimized for SEO is to optimize the images.

To do this, you must use the  alternative text , also called Alt-text.

When you add an image to the multimedia library, you need to access its attached details  to edit the alternative text.

The alternative text should include a short description and the  keyword  we want to position in the article.

This way you get to rank two times at the same time, in the text search and in the image search.

If you analyze the traffic of visits to your website with  Google Analytics , you can see that many of them come from the images.

This means that some users visited you because they searched for images that Google has shown when they performed a search related to your article.

So, it is vitally important that you have optimized all the images of your articles.

Otherwise you will be losing traffic of visits, and visibility in the search engines.

Tool to compress Images whose file size are larger than one MB.

SEO by Yoast

One of the basic and essential plugins that you should have installed on your blog is  SEO by Yoast .

It is considered as the best free SEO plugin, and it makes the task of positioning the contents in search engines much easier.

The configuration of this plugin for a blog is very simple, and it is not necessary to have technical knowledge or be an expert in the subject of web positioning.

When you have already installed SEO by Yoast, and you want to add a new page or entry in your blog, a configuration menu will always appear at the bottom .

The configuration menu has 3 main sections that are: content, advanced, social.


  • Snippet Preview : to edit the title of the article, the keywords of the entry, and the meta description.
  • focus keyword: that you want to position in the search engines.
  • Content analysis: it shows a series of checks that analyze the content of the page and the different colors (green, orange, red) tell you if you have fulfilled optimally, regularly or badly.

Customize the Meta Description

Another essential factor to optimize the contents of your blog is the Meta description, because it is the preliminary view that the search engines show in their results.

For this reason, you should strive to include a your own meta description that will capture the attention of users.

In this way you will get users to click on the link, visit your page, and end up reading the article.

Otherwise, if you do not edit the meta description you will get by default the first paragraph of the text in the search results.

When you are going to edit the meta description of your content label remember that there is a limit of 155 characters.

Because if you exceed the remaining text will not be displayed, and ellipses appear in the search results.

Internal links

It refers to the optimization of a web page to help the search engines and also improve the user experience.

Internal links makes it easier for search engines to verify the validity or relevance of your content on the blog.

This technique allows to achieve a better ranking in search engines, and increase visibility in organic results.

But you can not forget that, internal links should always be  useful and relevant.

That is, the content of that linked page has to be complementary to the current page.

When you are going to write content optimized for SEO, you must  include 1 or 2 internal links that point to another related article.

This way you will be able to add more value to the content, increase the user’s time of permanence , and reduce your bounce rate .

In short, it is about providing the best experience to the user so that he can return in future occasions, and at the same time get a good evaluation of the search engines.

External links

Remember that getting quality external links improves SEO web positioning.

And even more when it comes from a website with a lot of authority in the search engines.

This obtaining of third links is known as  Link building, and there are 2 global strategies:

  • Blackhat:  buy links to other websites, but sooner or later you will be penalized.
  • Whitehat: the most recommended option by Google.

The natural links (Whitehat)  are those that occur spontaneously, and in sites related to the theme of your business.

And the purchased links (Blackhat)  are those that are obtained in any website in exchange for an economic remuneration.

 Load speed

Loading speed is another important factor when you write content optimized for SEO.

It is not enough to offer quality content, the pages must also be uploaded in a matter of seconds.

With Google Analytics you can know in more detail the speed of the pages in different browsers, as well as by country or pages.

Even, the average times of the website such  as:

  • Load the page.
  • Redirect.
  • B earch domain.
  • Server connection.
  • Server response
  • Download of the page.


In addition, there are  3 main factors that affect the loading speed:

  • Hosting: the location of the server is essential to achieve high loading speeds.
  • Programming: it is necessary to have a clean and sanitized HTML code
  • Network: here depends the ADSL connection that the user has.

Syncfluence: How to Influence Your Target Audience Without Burning Cash

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People are strange

If u praise someone,
They think U must have your own mean in this.

If u don’t praise,
They call u jealous…

If u do extra care for someone,

They think that U love them..
If u show u don’t care,
They call u selfish…
If u regularly text your friends,
They call u sticky…
If u don’t talk to them for a few days,
They call u proud…
You can never make the whole world happy,
So concentrate on the person u daily see in the mirror!!


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This journal is for the creative woman, who uses the diary to write her dreams, and escape to a different place, albeit for a short while. This journal aims to make a woman’s everyday full of a little more joy. It is a reminder to stop and smell the roses in one’s daily hectic life. To document life’s little delights; or to take a few minutes to entertain one’s thoughts while filling in those intricate details in the coloring sheets.

In today’s world there is no time to spend everyone is busy with our own works when we are stuck at some point we cant shed out immediately but to the society outside we should keep a happy face. But we are dying inside.

I am being a blogger were I can write that help in venting out anger,emotions etc..It offers a great relief that is the advantage of being a blogger. Being a public forum we could share a certain things we cannot display our personal issues and only the general information in that.

You feel like shouting out everything that is in our life. The personal diary is that it will be a eager to listen to your story and don’t give you advices.it allows to travel your own way.

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Nostalgia: A Mental Time Machine

I wish I could time travel and meet my younger self and tune her for the future…

When was the last time you had fun like a small child playing under the rain? When was the last time you felt so carefree and happy, and not worrying about your  problems? Do you still remember what it was like to be a kid?

Only childhood friends will know all these things about me.No matter how big i am  today, they have known me since the days of failing in Maths, test after test.That first taste of social media with Orkut, and the most embarrassing profile ever set up – you know about theirs and they know about yours. Thank god, there is no more online proof of that left.

first time they tried to drive a bike and instead crashed into the wall and broke their arm.Remember how addicted used to be to all those TV shows like small wonder. and discuss the story in class.Playing  video games with friends Remember Mario Brothers? Remember Tetris? Remember Roadrash? Yeah – these were the games over which bonded on those weekend afternoons.the scary marksheets that we hid from our parents.I have a sibling and in my childhood days, all i could do was fight and fight throughout the day.knew the trick of getting whatever we wanted and secretly used the trick almost always.Those were the days when we could lie in front of the T.V. and watch cartoons throughout the day. No worries, no concerns.Want a new colorbook? Cry. Want a new toy? Cry.had the liberty to say anything ridiculous and get away with it.This undoubtedly was the biggest advantage of any of us have ever had being a child.

Saturdays and Sundays are the best days of a week; we often crave “Why there is only one Sunday in a week?” “Why Monday always comes after Sunday”…

My best times are i would wait for the holidays.

The quarterly exam holidays are very special as it has a occasion to spend is the day of Diwali . The diwali for a single day preparation starts before a week getting new dresses ,sweets ,crackers etc.. and the interesting part in it is after the school reopens we are allowed to wear our diwali dress on the reopening day of our school which on one side excited in showing our dress and the other side the marks waits for us.

the annual holidays are the time which we travel to our grand parents house were we could meet our cousins and whole lot of enjoyment takes place. eating,sleeping ,playing and making new friends near my grandparents home were the duties those time. some games i would remember are the fest happens there and hide and seek .


So, what is your favourite memory of your childhood friend/days?


Desktop Blogging Tools

  1. Windows Live Writer: It is the most famous desktop blogging tool. It provides the same user interface which is provided by Microsoft Applications. With the help of Windows Live Writer you can swiftly write a blog entry and also you can add featured images along with various other media.  The distinct feature of Windows Live Writer is that,plugins can be easily added in the editor.
  2. MarsEdit: You can use this desktop blogging tool on your Mac system. The distinct feature of MarsEdit is the capability to integrate with some other text editors like BBEdit, TextMate, TextWrangler and SubEthaEdit. The user interface of MarsEdit is simple and robust. Here users can easily use strong markup Macros for adding popular oddments of codes. MarsEdit work smoothly with Blogger, Movable Type, Drupal, Word Press, Type Pad, Vox and LiveJournal.
  3. BlogDesk: This is another robust desktop blogging tools for Windows machine. This blogging tool supports multiple languages and almost every blogging platform. Here in image editing zone, you can easily edit and upload images without the interference of any extra image editing application. With the help of its unique feature, you can easily insert various links and can aslo remove them (if required). Local files can be easily uploaded, you can easily check gramitacil and spelling mistakes, edit a published post, delete published post etc…
  4. Zoundary Raven: This is an advanced, free WYSIWYG blog editing Windows blogging tool. Some common features of this desktop blogging tool are: template based preview, quicklinks, support of UTF- 8. With theh help of Zoundary Raven, user can easily manage multiple blogs offline and online. The built- in index feature of this bloggin tool permits you to view post blogs, images, links and tags. It supports TypePad, Meta Wblog, Live Journal, Blogger and Movable Type. This si basically a portable application and you can easily use it on thumb/ flash drive.
  5. Ecto: It is the popular desktop blogging tool for Mac’s machine. This powerful tool contains almost every feature like spell checking, draft saving, rich text editor, use of plugins etc.
  6. W.bloggar: W.bloggar is a professional desktop blogging tool, generally used by expert users. This blogging tool is snappy and contains almost every features of Windows Live Writer. Here you can easily save your posts for suture publishing, post to different blogs, Technorati, ping-o- matic, blo.gs and import text files. The best feature is that this desktop application is also available in the portable version, so you can take it anywhere in your USB.
  7. Thingamablog: This is a multi platform desktop blogging application because you can use it on Mac, Linux and Windows machine. It is basically a RSS feed reader and hybrid of blog editing. This provides a cross platform blogging but it is not much  polished as other desktop blogging applications.