Diwali Flyer PSD Template

sankaraartsWe are very happy to introduce you our new freebie collection “Diwali Flyer PSD Template” this is absolutely free to download .

This Greeting Card for  Diwali Celebration  so all you have to do to is fill in your own texts and replace the photos. You can easily modify the file according to your own needs. It will definitely save your time as you don’t have to design it completely from scratch. And use this diwali cards with your personal warms greetings. All you need is Adobe Photoshop to edit this Diwali Flyer PSD Template. file which is available for free download in PSD format

Fully Editable Photoshop PSD Layered Files
1000x1000px 300 DPI,
One high-resolution PSD file with Image
Easy To Edit text Layers
File size 1.99 MB

Hope you like it. Enjoy

Topaz Labs Photoshop Plugins Bundle


– Topaz Adjust 5.1.0
– Topaz ReStyle 1.1.0
– Topaz Clarity 1.0.0
– Topaz ReMask 5.0.0
– Topaz B&W Effects 2.1.0
– Topaz Detail 3.3.0
– Topaz Simplify 4.1.1
– Topaz Lens Effects 1.3.0
– Topaz Star Effects 1.2.0
– Topaz Clean 3.2.0
– Topaz DeNoise 6.0.1
– Topaz InFocus 1.1.0
– Topaz DeJPEG 4.1.0
– Topaz photoFXlab 1.2.10


  • Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1, Windows 10
  • Photoshop CS4-6
  • Photoshop Elements 12-14
  • Photoshop CC 2015
  • Lightroom 4-6
  • Lightroom CC 2015
  • Corel PaintShop Pro and PhotoImpact

Topaz Labs Photoshop Plugins Bundle 
Full Pack Plugin | 1.29 Gb


Every Child Deserves Touch of Care By Vick’s Story Telling

Vicks has been part of every family. We have actually grown up with Vicks item close by at the seasons of cold, flu .The story of however everybody desires comfort and barely of care and why everybody deserves to urge one .

Vicks aims to interrupt the taboo around skin diseases by narrating the story of Nisha, a young girl  with a rare genetic skin condition- Ichthyosis.

The second edition of the campaign titled #TouchOfCare, created by Publicis Singapore, features the protagonist Nisha taking about how her life was transformed when she was adopted by Aloma and David Lobo who, despite having children of their own, gave Nisha a family. Nisha more narrates her everyday struggle with those that assume that her unwellness is infectious and so are not friendly along with her.

“How each of us is capable of lending unconditional love and extending care to every child who needs it. The first edition of the Vicks #TouchOfCare campaign moved millions of people across the globe”

Many ads come and many ads go away and so also are true in the world of the campaign in India. But only few one gets stitched in our hearts.

A Short Inspirational Story

The Obstacle in our Path

In ancient times, a King had a boulder placed on a roadway. Then he hid himself and watched to see if anyone would remove the huge rock. Some

of the king’s wealthiest merchants and courtiers came by and simply walked around it. Many loudly blamed the King for not keeping the roads

clear, but none did anything about getting the stone out of the way.

Then a peasant came along carrying a load of vegetables. Upon approaching the boulder, the peasant laid down his burden and tried to move the

stone to the side of the road. After much pushing and straining, he finally succeeded. After the peasant picked up his load of vegetables, he noticed

a purse lying in the road where the boulder had been. The purse contained many gold coins and a note from the King indicating that the gold was

for the person who removed the boulder from the roadway.

                  The peasant learned what many of us never understand! Every obstacle presents an opportunity to improve our condition.

People Are Strange

If u praise someone,
They think U must have your own mean in this.

If u don’t praise,
They call u jealous…

If u do extra care for someone,

They think that U love them..

If u show u don’t care,
They call u selfish…

If u regularly text your friends,
They call u sticky…

If u don’t talk to them for a few days,
They call u proud…

You can never make the whole world happy,
So concentrate on the person u daily see in the mirror!!

Useful Resources for Online Entrepreneurs

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    •  FreshBooks – Online invoicing and time tracking service.
    •  Transcepta – Electronic invoicing solution.
    •  Blinksale – The easiest way to send invoices online.
    •  InterlinQ Solutions – Providing a daily job report, time sheets, job tracking, construction reports and mobile billing.
    •  Bill My Clients – Easy way to create and send invoices and bills to your clients.
    •  2nd Site – Secure invoicing service w/ online invoice payment & online employee timesheets.

Financial Management and Accounting

Intacct – Delivers ERP software as a service to small and midsize companies.

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Time Management and Project Management

Google Calendar – Free online shareable calendar service.

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Start-up companies should have the corporate culture

Determine the success of start-ups is the most important three factors:
  • Team
  • Product or Service
  • The Market (timing, capacity, etc.)

If start-up companies have a good team and a first-class product or service ideas, coupled with the good time, and that the company’s success just around the corner. In fact, there is a factor for the success of start-up companies play a significant influence, and that is the right corporate culture. In other words, even if a start-up companies have a perfect team, disruptive products and excellent market opportunity, if they do not have a good corporate culture, and that the start-up companies will be finished.

That is what a good corporate culture like? Consider the following thirteen know.

1. No office politics .
Good entrepreneurial corporate culture where everyone trusts each other. Evaluation is based on the idea of its value, not to see who is put forward. For the return you will get satisfied. And in a not so good entrepreneurial corporate culture, everyone satisfied with their income, everyone want people to know what he has done something, even if he did not actually done.
2. You’re not simple work, and full of a sense of mission. 
Good entrepreneurial corporate culture is composed of such people: they have the ability to do many things, but in fact they are willing to focus on the company’s individual products or services. Such core culture usually trust companies, companies engaged in the things they feel are most important.
3. Competitive Environment. 
Good entrepreneurial corporate culture to spiritual reward good employees, while poor performers to be very tough, they will quickly eliminate those who can not reach a high standard. Eventually left to the people will find that my colleagues around him are with him, even more remarkable.
4. Save Every Penny. 
Good business for every penny of corporate culture are concerned, costs would be very cautious. Amazon’s door to make tables with tradition is not the case will be cheaper (probably not), but to create a feeling, Amazon will not waste money on office furniture. In the early start, the internal Intrepid Learning Solution Company set up a conservation award, awarded to those who have the ability to save money super staff. Company CEO won a prize, he rented a truck, a person close to the company moving Abandoned conference table dragged back. In a good business enterprise culture, a strong awareness of cost control, but also very infectious.
5. Equity Incentive.
 It feels so good entrepreneurial corporate culture gives employees: We are doing meaningful things, sooner or later the company will be successful. Employees can enjoy the future value of the company. The difference in the corporate culture of the company, employee motivation is almost entirely dependent on short-term cash incentives. This is not to say short-term cash incentive is not good, in fact, in many cases, this will help to achieve short-term goals. However, if the employee merely focus only bonuses, but not interested in equity, which indicates that they have no confidence in the future of the company.
6. Perfect Match. 
Good entrepreneurial corporate culture is a perfect match for the company strategy is correct and consistent with the vision, the staff carry out their duties, they do good things. Consistent with the idea that all employees from the CEO to the office clerk.
7. Good communication. 
Good communication is an important indicator of outstanding corporate culture. No one would confuse the company’s goals. Communication is open and smooth, it is difficult to make a direct, rather than overlooked.
8. Passionate sense of responsibility and strong leadership.
Venture’s leadership should be the spiritual leader of the company, good leadership can take responsibility and lead by example. As the company’s CEO should take the lead morale.
9. Mutual Respect.
 In the corporate culture is not good business to do business people think that art is only interested in highly technical, and not to make products in accordance with market demand. Business people in the art will understand that the technology), can not understand what the market needs in the end. Architect despise product development, failing to appreciate the quality of product development evaluation. Sales team that marketing marketing campaign did not do a good job, everyone thinks sales team overpaid. In good entrepreneurial corporate culture where everyone will be respected by others doing their thing, to be congratulated on the achievements of others. There is intense discussion among employees but useful, even if not everyone is in favor, the final decision can be made ​​that we can accept.
10. The focus on the customer. 
Good entrepreneurial corporate culture is very concerned about who is the customer and what the customer wants / needs, customers’ current willingness to pay more. Before you begin to write code better start thinking about these issues, and to prior product ideas with as many potential customers to communicate. After the product or service to market, customer feedback is a very important part. Good entrepreneurial corporate culture will have little surprised by the customer’s problem, because they are a prelude to fully understand the customer and process.
 11. The energetic.
You walk into a good business in the corporate culture, you will feel the office is full of energy, everyone is focused on their mission. The door is open, full written on the board, everyone is busy with work, the meeting is simple and effective.
12. Relaxed Working Environment. 
Start-ups should be interesting. In a good business enterprise culture, anyone would feel the happiness. Staff will tell their friends how happy they Yes. In such a corporate culture where complaining is no place to hide.

13. Sincerity.

 Good entrepreneurial corporate culture will not attempt to cut corners, they are at the highest level of sincerity towards customers, employees deal with the problem, write code to do daily work. Whether it is easy or difficult, they are kept in good faith. This means that they are sincere confidence in the company’s products, it is safely put the product to the user. Any form of deception, even if it is part of the deception, is unacceptable.