Lets Know About FaceBook Insights

Do you want to track the performance of your Facebook page?Then faceBook Insights is the best option.

Lets go on a tour in knowing about Facebook Insights and the data you’ll find there.

 Facebook Insights has long been valued by successful marketers.

What’s the admin panel on my Facebook Page?

The admin panel is a place where you can quickly see how your Page is performing.

From your admin panel, you can:

  • View Page notifications
  • Respond to messages
  • View your Page Insights
  • Invite friends
  • View new likes

To open the admin panel, click Show at the top-right corner of your Page. To close the admin panel, click Hide at the top-right corner of your Page.

Non-admins who visit your Page won’t see the admin panel. It’s only visible to Page admins

The Overview tab gives you the data about ur page including features as new page likes, post reach, and engagement for the last week.

The Likes tab shows your page’s fan growth. You can use the date selector to view data from the last week, month, or quarter. With the likes tab you can also view the number of like u had on  a date.

The Visits tab is one of the most informative. This is where you can see the areas of your Facebook page that people visit most, including your timeline, info, and photos tabs.

The Posts tab starts off with a graph of when your fans are online.



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