Why We Love Storytelling (And You Should, Too!)

This post is written for the ‘love theme’ contest by The Chennai Bloggers Club in association with Woodooz and Indian Superheroes.

What is an emotional branding? Substantially meaning the way a brand makes neurological connections to the consumers in a way that creates a strong psychological and emotional response.

Emotional branding is about connecting. It is about connecting and building relationships not merely through building physical contacts but relating your brands to them at an emotional level.

You have to move people to move your products.Trust is essential. You have to move from honesty to trust in your relationships. Because honesty is a given whereas trust has to be earned. You need to embrace and better understand the needs, and emotions of the vast majority of your consumers and customers to grow your brand’s market share.

Emotions and Brands

 Advertisements, most of the times are 30 seconds of creativity and humor that can give you that much needed break from an intense movie scene, a nail biting cricket match.

 Dabur Vatika

 Their Brave and Beautiful Campaign salutes female cancer survivors. The ad shows a bald woman who’s just recovered from cancer. She’s survived the disease but not confident of how her neighbors or colleagues would look at her. Then we see her getting ready for her first day at office after the treatment. She ties a head wrap first but then removes it. She looks at herself in the mirror after wearing a Saree – with doubt written all over her face. Then a small bindi act by her husband gives her the needed support to go out into the world. She enters office with apprehension and what happens next might leave you with tears. Not tears of sadness but of hope. One doesn’t expect a campaign of such sorts from a hair shampoo and oil brand. But Dabur Vatika has done it!


Main Aur Maa – A Video Depicting The Purest Bond!

They say a Daughter is more close to her Father and a Son to his Mother; However, there’s a special relation that only a Daughter-Mother can understand the most. For a Daughter, her mother is the sole person existing who can understand – What it’s to be a daughter, a sister, a wife and most importantly what it is to be a mother without even having uttering a single word.

Fortune Ghar ka khana

Ghar ka Khana – 3 words that make everyone say yes and wow. Most of us have fond memories of homemade food. Whether it’s mom cooked dal – the taste of home cooked food lingers on the plate…on.Mom’s are the best cook’s.Its like I wish I could take back everythime I thought her food wasn’t that great or I asked her if she could cook something else. Now whenever i return to home its like heaven to eat home food!

The ad shows an old lady carrying a tiff-in climbing up the hospital stairs to meet her grandson. She reaches just at the moment when the nurse starts feeding her grandson with a spoonful of bland and tasteless khichdi ( guessed looking at the grandson’s expression).  The grandmother requests the nurse to feed him home cooked dal. But the nurse says no, saying bahar ka khaana (outside food) is not allowed in the hospital. It’s not the first time we see her requesting the nurse. But every time her requests are met with a curt no. However, one day the grandmother brings 2 tiffin boxes and gives 1 to the nurse. What happens after the nurse eats ghar ka khaana – you don’t have to guess, right? The grandson’s expression while eating the home cooked dal is to watch for.

Titan Watches

What do you gift a man who’s spent nearly half of his life inspiring students? A Titan watch and memories that’re worth cherishing. It tugs at the heartstrings without going emotionally overboard.


Check out the Love for  Storytelling at Sowmya S Sundaram blog.


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